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Dignity, Assistance, Respect and Education


  • Under the heading of  Dignity:       Duchenne Research Fund will be supported;
  • Under the heading of Assistance:  Chai Cancer Care  - supporting Cancer sufferers;
  • Under the heading of Respect:      Homeless Action Barnet - self-respect for all regardless of their economic situation;
  • Under the heading of Education:   Legadel - helping our children achieve.





The Duchenne Research Fund was founded in 2007 with a clear and ambitious goal in mind: to find a cure for all boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a devastating genetic muscle-wasting disease that leads to paralysis, heart and lung failure and early death most often in their 20s for all sufferers.               


Duchenne is 100% fatal. There is currently no cure.

Lack of dystrophin is the result of an error in the dystrophin gene, which is found on the X chromosome. As boys only have a single X chromosome, this error causes them to have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Girls can be carriers of the genetic error, and in 1% of cases they can be sufferers. The genetic error can be inherited from a female carrier. However, in a third of cases it is caused by a completely spontaneous genetic mutation ? and therefore can happen to anyone. 

Become a part of this remarkable journey and, ultimately, be responsible for finding a cure. For more information please visit www.duchenne.org.uk



Chai Cancer Care provides comprehensive, professional and expert services to any member of the Jewish community affected by cancer - patients, their families and friends.

Chai operates from 9 sites across the UK and clients can attend these to receive services. Clients who are unable to go to a Chai site can receive one-to-one services in their own homes, providing they live within geographical reach of a site.

Chai provides telephone counselling and advice services for clients not within reach of a Chai site, across the UK and internationally.

All our professional staff are fully experienced, trained and accredited.

Chai does not receive any statutory funding. We do not charge our clients for our services. 






Our mission is to work with vulnerable people so that they gain access to housing, health and other services  in order to achieve dignity; to make their own effective choices; and to express themselves as fully independent members of society. HAB should be a ?Place of Change? ? enabling and facilitating practical change for  individuals and promoting the needs of Homeless people within our society.


HAB provides the following Services through the Day Centre

  • Day Centre Services
    The Day Centre provides a wide range of services to meet our clients needs. These cover practical needs as well as advice and advocacy on a number of issues.
  • Tenancy Support Services
    HAB has two Tenancy Support Services. One is a Floating Support Service provided by Outreach Barnet and the other is a partnership with the Foundation Project to provide temporary accommodation while trying to secure a tenancy in the private sector.
  • Health Services
    A range of services provided by Barnet Primary Care Trust to meet the needs of our clients who are not able to access community based services





Legadel was set up in 2013 to help young children with learning and emotional difficulties, who cannot get a Government Education Health & Care plan.

Legadel meets the developmental and educational needs of young children who are failing to thrive in the school system. The focus is on children who are having difficulty mastering key learning skills; including fine motor co-ordination, adequate speech & language development and reading. Any of these problems can lead to behavioural, social or emotional issues.

We believe that early intervention is vital to enable a child to be successful at school and later in life; and that EVERY child can succeed if the right support is in place.

We are a school based program working in The London Borough of Barnet. We currently are working in 6 Primary schools in the Borough and in September 2015 we will be starting in 1 more school.

We have helped over 70 children since we started. Currently we are working with 46 children. 



Want to help?  Email: [email protected]  

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